The show's greatest asset is the glorious tenor of Ciaran Sheehan, who brings a rich understanding and depth to familiar melodies. – Howard Kissel, NY Dalily News
His performance will make hearts melt all over the remote control. – Mike Farragher, The Irish Voice
Sheehan has the kind of soaring stage voice from which indelible Broadway moments are made”…“the best yet” – Jeremy Gerard, Hollywood Variety
Ciaran Sheehan has a crisp, polished voice and a presence to match – Ben Brantley, The New York Times
...his enthusiasm and his ringing, crystaline tenor voice constituting now, as before, one of the show's primary assets – Joseph Hurley, The Irish Echo
On the singing side, the standout performance was Ciaran Sheehan's as Raoul... His voice is as handsome and smooth as the man himself, and he used it with aplomb, making every word count. – Jenkins, Seattle Opera
The great discovery here is Sheehan. Raoul is a thankless role: Prince Charming with no horse. But Sheehan sings beautifully, acts without affectation, and avoids the puffed-chest heroics that often go with the territory. He and Shayne have real sexual chemistry too - more, at this point, than she has with the Phantom ...and her handsome rescuer, Raoul (Ciaran Sheehan) exerts charm, especially when so attractively packaged. – Misha Berson, The Seattle Times
Ciaran Sheehan is an extraordinaryily gifted performer with the requisite charisma and magnetic stage presence necessary to portray The Phantom. Both Hal Prince and I were thrilled by Ciaran's Phantom on Broadway, and vowed to bring him to Toronto at the earliest opportunity. He is a major new discovery! – Garth Drabinsky, Livent
...a manly portrayal from Ciarán Sheehan...The singing is uniformly professional, with Sheehan the greater of equals in that department. A tenor with lowish range, he made the most of his solo moments - shining even in “If I Loved You,” a composition that intentionally pushes the singer’s limits to its upper breaking point. His acting stood out as well - at times combative, at times hesitant, always in character, whether addressing his sweetheart or the celestial judges. – Keith Powers, Herald News
Ciarán Sheehan as Billy is a fine actor/singer and cuts a dashing figure... Sheehan has the voice and vocal stamina to carry “Soliloquy” – Rich Fahey, OnBostonStages
As an actor and singer, he makes choices that present rough-hewn carousel barker, Billy Bigelow, as more than just a one dimensional angry wife beater... We see his pugnacious side quite readily, but he also shows us his softer side in the iconic "Soliloquy"... It is the delivery of this song that separates the men from the boys in terms of actors who portray a convincing Billy Bigelow. Mr. Sheehan shows himself to be a man among men with this number. – The White Rhino Report
The very handsome and debonair Ciaran Sheehan is phenomenal as Billy. He has a New York accent in his dialogue and with his vocals he sounds like a young Robert Goulet. Ciaran's baritone voice soars off the charts... Ciaran captures the swagger and charm of this womanizing man with a wanderlust in his soul. His death scene and his scenes with Julie and Louis in the yard and graduation are very poignant and gut wrenching. – Tony Annicone, The Theater Mirror